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About Anthony Mays

Do You Know This Author? Probably not, BUT YOU SHOULD.

Somewhat of a renegade and independent author of fiction books and other short stories who uses the 'Halfway to' theme.  Readers of all genres are welcome to enjoy his work and invited to provide reviews and/or comments.

HONORED to be added to the Illinois Authors Wiki, a project of the Illinois Center for the Book. It is a comprehensive resource for information on authors, photographers and illustrators who have published books and have lived in Illinois or written about Illinois.

Anthony's third novel, Halfway to the Truth, received amazon investment the LiFE (Literature for Environment) Award for his use of electronic waste as its storyline. This fictional thriller moves the reader from the shipyards of Savannah, Georgia to a hazardous electronic waste site in the horn of Africa and explores its environmental and health impact.
Anthony Mays, the author of the 'Halfway to' themed books, chose to use the 'halfway to' expression based on his road travels around the country. Seemingly, he was halfway to his destination when a character, plot, or location came to his imagination taken from things he saw along the way. Throughout the remainder of the trip, a strong, mental outline followed on how he planned to use those elements.

Writing books became a natural extension from Anthony's career in how can i buy shares in amazon the U.S. government where he wrote briefings, operating procedures, and instructional guides. His biggest challenge in making the transition was moving from writing succinct, factual, bulleted ideas to writing prose narrative for a fully developed novel.

Along with his wife, Sherry, he lives in southern Illinois and enjoys sharing the experiences of their three children, their significant others, and four blessed grandchildren. Most vacations are spent near water where Anthony envisions finding the next great treasure trove. In the meantime, he is excited to take pieces of his life experiences and mold them into fictional works of art.

What's Happening

I was one of 66 Illinois authors to submit to the 2017 Soon To Be Famous Illinois Author contest. Although my book was not accepted as a finalist, I am grateful that Illinois offers this competition for independent authors and appreciative that my work was considered. Congratulations to the winning author, Daniel Rosenberg.

My short story Witches, Trolls, Elves, and Goblins of Elsah has been accepted for publishing on You can read it all right here,-Trolls,-Elves,-and-Goblins-of-Elsah&id=9664491

All novels are available as printed books on Amazon's CreateSpace.

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